Jesse Guardiani wrote:
On Tuesday 02 November 2004 1:55 pm, Casey Zacek wrote:

I do *NOT*, under any circumstances, recommend reiserfs on a
production machine. One good system crash/power outage and you can kiss
your data good-bye. I know from personal experience. Reiserfs4 *may*
change all of that. We'll see. But until then I highly recommend EXT3.

On the other hand our mail server has gone down hard twice in the last 3 months (once the ups blew up and once a tech pulled out the wrong power cord) and both times the reiserfs partition came back up with out any problems (/home). The ext3 partition on the other hand needed a manual fsck the first time and a long rebuild on the second (/ and /var/qmail).

So your mileage may vary, reiser has come a long way since pre 3.6



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