Hi folks.

I have been setting up a new mail server with the following software:

qmail 1.03
vpopmail 5.4.0
Courier IMAP 3.0.8
qmailadmin 1.2.0

vpopmail was configured with:
 --enable-roaming-users --enable-relay-clear-minutes=30

courier-imap is running under tcpserver, as per the instructions at
http://jonaspasche.de/courier-imap-daemontools.txt, and was configured
 --enable-workarounds-for-imap-client-bugs --without-ipv6
 --without-authdaemon --without-authcustom --without-authcram
 --without-authuserdb --without-authshadow --without-authpwd

Everything works as expected except for one thing.  When clients
authenticate in IMAP, the roaming users rules file, open-smtp, is not

If a client authenticates in pop3, it is updated fine.

I have deleted both vpopmail and courier-imap, cleaned their source
directories and rebuilt, all to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions what else I should check?



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