On Tuesday 09 November 2004 04:55 pm, Mike Dunlop wrote:
> Used the qinstall package to install qmail/vpopmail [...]

bad.  use www.lifewithqmail.org and then if you want to add vpopmail to the 
mix, read vpopmail's INSTALL file.  It's very easy to install.

> and it appears things are working.

You just contradicted yourself.  You say things are working yet two lines 
below it's not working.

> Upon trying to login via telnet/mail client 
> password authorization is failing  and from telnet I get the following:
> =====================================
> Connected to mydomain.com.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> +OK <[EMAIL PROTECTED] mydomain >
> user name@ mydomain.com
> +OK
> pass my_correct_pw
> -ERR aack, child crashed
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> =====================================
> /var/log/maillog says: Nov  9 15:43:32 <domain> vpopmail[19280]:
> vchkpw: password fail <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:<ip>

> - vpopmail-5.2.1

that's REALLY old.  Try the latest version.  If I were you, I would remove 
everything you've installed, follow www.lifewithqmail.org, and then following 
the INSTALL file of vpopmail.


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