Released 12-Nov-2004.

This release consists of minor bug changes to the stable version
of vpopmail.  The most invasive change is related to valiases with
MySQL and PostgreSQL.  The new code should fix problems
related to Maildir valias entries causing problems in vdelivermail.

There's no need to upgrade unless you're affected by a change
listed in the ChangeLog below.

This release was pushed out so Tom can do a beta release of
updated vdelivermail code in the next few weeks.


Rick Widmer
- vadddomain: Check for existing domain before prompting for
- vdeldomain: Fix uninitialized variable warning.

Tom Collins
- Fix problems with valias code in vmysql.c and vpgsql.c.  Storing
  aliases in Postgres should work now, and it should fix problems
  with processing Maildir valias entries in vdelivermail. [985011,
  1024706, 1033801]
- Fix bug in vmoddomlimits that wiped out the Domain Quota
  when editing default limits.
- Change columns in Postgres valias table to varchar from char.
  See README.pgsql for instructions on fixing existing tables.
- vmoduser: update maildirsize instead of just deleting it when
  modifying quota.
- vchkpw: classify POP/IMAP connections from select IPs (defaults
  to as webmail and check NO_WEBMAIL user flag instead
  of NO_POP and NO_IMAP.
- Update qmail-smtpd-auth patch in contrib to latest (0.5.6).
- Update README.quotas with note about domain quotas not working.
- vpopmail.c: remove unused sys/varargs.h include.
- vdominfo: fix broken -a option.
- vdominfo: better display of real name for alias domains. [981335]
- vpopmail.c: Improved maildir_to_email() function. [953439]

Gentoo Port
- Integrate vuserinfo patch to fix the -a option and to display
  the comment/gecos field (used for "real name").

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