Joe wrote:

I need to get some info about mailboxes users for my qmail installation. I need info like:

For an easy web based method look at qmailadmin.

Assuming you are using the cdb back end, the data is stored in a file, by domain in the directory structure maintained by vpopmail. If you are using a database back end, the data is stored there.

List of users by domain

cat ~vpopmail/domains/$DomainName/vpasswd

replace $DomainName with the name of the domain.

Ideally, a way to retrieve their pw’s, too.

Unless you have the clear passwords option set, this is not possible. If it is possible it will appear near the end of the line when you do the previous command. (I think it is the last field...)

Way to check how full people’s mailboxes are.

qmailadmin provides this, if you are using user quotas. If not all you can do is du on the user's Maildir directory.

Administrative things like that.

If I am not posting to the right place, pls let me know of a better place.

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