Hello all-

...all that are on this list. I hope that this message doesn't perturb people on this list too badly, but I feel that I am running out of options, so I would like to preface this message by saying that. I cannot seem to find anybody who is able to respond to my questions on the openwebmail forum, so I felt that I should post on the list of the software I am trying to merge with. For those of you who will be able to answer my questions, you already know that OWM does not support Maildir, thus patching OWM is the only workaround for implementing a Maildir/OWM solution, and also know that support is not as robust as the qmail and associated software community.

I am trying to get openwebmail to use the vchkpw authentication for login. I am running qmail + vpopmail + qmail-pop3d and trying to implement Openwebmail 2.32 with the Maildir patch. If anyone has been able to successfully get vpopmail with vchkpw to work, I am interested in how you have done it. Namely, the authentication mechanism and wether or not you have had to do any conversions to make this work or were you able to use your vpasswd files.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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