I would like to know the status of domain quota. I've seen a little on the 
mailing list, but nothing complete.

I have recently had users not getting mail and bouncing mails saying that the 
quota was used up. Problem is that it wasn't used at all.

I'm using vpopmail 5.4.5.

In release 5.4.8 I've read that domain quota simply doesn't work at the 
moment. Is it working in 5.4.5?

Now what can I do? Do I need to recompile vpopmail to disable quota or is it 
enough to outcomment it in the .qmailadmin-limits file...?

The alternative is that I begin to use system quota.
'vadddomain -u <system user> <domain>'

Is it enough that the system user is a member of vchkpw group?
Will the mail still get delivered? I don't want to break anything...
Can I read somewhere how system quota actually works with vpopmail, with the 
uid/gid stuff etc.?

Thanks in advance.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Lars E. D. Jensen

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