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i've done a fresh qmail/vpopmail installation on a debian amd64 port. everything seems to work just fine, except the smtp auth. sending an email without smtp auth works just fine. but if i try it with smtp auth i get the following in my logs:

kernel: vchkpw[28473] segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 0000000000000000 rsp 0000007fbffffab0 error 14

the only thing that i have found on the net is the following:

i'm not sure if it is really a vpopmail problem. perhaps somebody has already had the same problem? i've tried with disalbing the -02 in the CFLAGS but that does not help. compiling vpopmail with gcc 3.4 was the same thing :-(

greets KoS

I was trying to trouble shoot this with an AMD 64 server, but was unable to find the culprit, since then we just grabbed a 32 bit old P3, and put that up as our mail gateway with SMTP auth, and all works well again.

It would seem that the data that qmail-smtpd sends is not correct, for some reason it sends incorrect base64 decoded information.

Best way to test it that i have done is use strace:

telnet localhost 25

in another terminal:

ps auxwwww | grep qmail-smtpd

look for the qmail-smtpd which is not tcpserver, and then use strace to hook onto its PID.

Then in the telnet window send the commands to the server until it says auth failed, in which case you just QUIT and then grab the strace output.


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