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Jason Wilkinson wrote:

Hello all,

I've searched and wasn't able to come up with an answer to this
question. Though I did see a reference to it in the Bug Lists (
http://tinyurl.com/59gos ).

We're hitting a wall with our MySql install and our traffic is
filling up all available MySql connections. We are currently working
to tune our MySql install. Until that happens, I was wondering if
there was a reason that vpopmail bounces all mail with a 5xx response
when it can't connect to MySql.

I know that I can increase my max_connections in MySql...it just
seems as if vpopmail should respond with a 4xx response so that valid
mail isn't bounced.

I will admit that I am using an old version of vpopmail (5.2). If
this has been fixed I'll work towards an upgrade.

Thanks in advance,


Can anybody tell me if this issue is being addressed in future releases?


We've been talking about the problem in vpopmail-devel and the real devs (I just test and recommend stuff, not a real dev) are coming up with some good solutions.

I think Tom has already started moving all the mysql stuff into it's own area re the creation of tables etc so that unneeded calls to mysql are no longer required.

If/when I get some more free time I will be going through the code myself to see what can be done. I do sql/MySQL administration for a living, I don't really do C coding for a living although I have been known to submit patches from time to time.

Speaking of which, Tom I do have a patch to correct courier-imap's authvckpw to work with the new webmail, no_imap code. Should I submit that to the dev list and we can include it in the contrib directory, binc imap really didn't work out for us.



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