What exactly is in your .qmail-default file? How are you doing spamassassin prefs? Is it site-wide?

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Greetings and salutations to all.

I have qmail with vpopmail 5.4.7 installed and its
great! I have it inter-twined with spamassassin for
stopping spam, but I want to stop deleting all
messages and put them into individual folders for the
users to look at/remove at thier leisure (or 7 days
later wipe the folder for them <winks>)

I see all the scripts and have installed and played
with most of them.
I have the  .qmail-default set up in the domain
directory that I am testing before I make it live on
the bigger domain, and its set up just like all the
"samples" and references say to.
I have the standard mailfilter file with the right
permissions and all and every thing looks great,
located in the domains/testdomain/  folder.

One problem.  No matter what I do,  $EXT  *always*
returns   devnull   as the user.
$HOST returns the correct information and the ENV
dumped to a file shows it as such.

I've double checked this via dumping the ENV to a file
and yupp, the EXT environment variable IS  "devnull".

According to the Changelog for vpopmail-5.4.7, it says
that this problem was fixed  to now correctly set the

can someone point me in a direction as to what to look
for?   I'm using RH 9 and its been great until I
started to try and get this option running.

thanks in advance!


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