Hi everybody,

Please could someone tell me exactly what is the use of the disable_smtp & 
no_smtp gid flag ? I ask that because I use qmail + vpopmail (5.4.7) + 
smtp-auth, and the above settings don't have any effect when I connect with an 
authenticated user to my smtp server... I can still send emails even with the 
"no_smtp" bit flag set. Besides that, all my system is working like a charm, so 
I can of course use another authentication program like cmd5checkpw, with 
another user database... but I really want to have vchkpw for smtp and pop3 
auth, and my goal is to have the possibility of selecting who can use my smtp 
server (with smtp-auth) and who cannot.

What am I missing ??

Thank's a bunch for any answer.


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