On Nov 23, 2004, at 4:39 AM, Robin Bowes wrote:
Is it possible to configure vpopmail (i.e. vadduser) and, by extension, qmailadmin to create this structure automatically when I new user is added?

i.e. Does vpopmail support the concept of a skel directory like the adduser command uses /etc/skel ?

If you just need a particular directory structure, you can modify vpopmail.c's list of directories to create for each user:

 const char *dirnames[] = {"Maildir", "Maildir/new", "Maildir/cur",

You'll have to manually add code before:

  /* set permissions on the user's dir */
  r_chown(".", uid, gid);

To create the symlink from INBOX to ../Maildir.

There is a patch on SourceForge to add skel directory support to vpopmail, but we decided not to include it since it uses a system call to 'cp' to copy the files -- it would be better to do the copying within vpopmail itself.

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