On Wed, November 24, 2004 10:20 pm, Tom Collins said:
> Go through /var/qmail/users/assign and update the user and group of
> every entry to match the new user/group for vpopmail.  Run qmail-newu
> so it rebuilds the users/cdb file.

This looks fine.  All uids and gids are 89, which is what I changed
vpopmail back to after changing to 1004 failed.

> Go into your vpopmail source directory and rebuild vpopmail.  It would
> be best to make clean and re-run configure with the same options as you
> previously did.

Did this already.  Qmail as well.

> That should cover it!

Unfortunately not.  It's good advice (especially the bit about qmail
users) in case I try to change UIDs again, but the need for the suexec cgi
isn't that great, and the results are horrible, so I doubt I'll ever try
again.  I just want to get vchkpw working with qmail-smtpd again...


Casey Allen Shobe

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