Charles Sprickman wrote:
On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

I'll follow this suggestion: keeping all non RFC options commented (exclude format control, exclude MX control, accept NULL sender, etc.), and improving documentation.

Here's another feature request for you...

I assume some ISPs here use vpopmail and also need to do backup mx for customers who run their own mailservers. Without the chkuser patch, simply adding those customer domains to morercpthosts would allow us to relay for them. With chkuser, anything out of vpopmail's control is going to be rejected. How about a config file somewhere (not sure what's most appropriate) where one could add additional domains that we wish to relay for?

Eh ?

No it doesn't. Only domains listed in virtualhosts get checked for valid email address's. You can list your secondary MX's in (more)rcpthosts and smtproutes and they don't get blocked by chkuser. At least they don't here and we are secondary MX for about 80 domains.



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