Hello list,

I was playing around with vmoduser today and couldn't figure out some of its flags' usage. Could someone tell me what NO_DIALUP (-u), NO_RELAY (-r) and V_USER[0-3] (-(0-3)) do? If there's any documentation available somewhere, please let me know. :)

When I set some flags on a domain with vmoddomlimits, as per vmoduser parameter list says:

vmoduser: usage: [options] email_addr or domain (for the entire domain)
         -x ( clear all flags )

I wanted to clear all flags for that entire domain with "vmoduser -x domain", however the flags remain untouched. The only way I could remove the flags is by using vmoddomlimits (for example -D) as well.
Perhaps it should be documented somewhere that: to set/reset/clear flags, we need to use the same tool. Otherwise it wouldn't work. Unless these flags are merged for both vmoduser and vmoddomlimits so they can be complementary to each other. Redundant though.

IMO, vmoduser should follow what vmoddomlimits does when dealing with entire domain. If you set flags for entire domain by using vmoduser, vuserinfo will NOT show:
smtp access is closed (*)
* = set by domain-wide limits
which I believe to be the proper behaviour for entire domain's flags.


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