On Nov 27, 2004, at 11:54 PM, Andryan wrote:
I was playing around with vmoduser today and couldn't figure out some of its flags' usage. Could someone tell me what NO_DIALUP (-u), NO_RELAY (-r) and V_USER[0-3] (-(0-3)) do? If there's any documentation available somewhere, please let me know. :)

If you have POP before SMTP set (roaming users), users with NO_RELAY will not be able to use POP before SMTP.

The NO_DIALUP flag and V_USER[0-3] flags aren't used anywhere in vpopmail -- they're there for other code that uses the vpopmail user database.

When I set some flags on a domain with vmoddomlimits, as per vmoduser parameter list says:

vmoduser: usage: [options] email_addr or domain (for the entire domain)
         -x ( clear all flags )

I wanted to clear all flags for that entire domain with "vmoduser -x domain", however the flags remain untouched. The only way I could remove the flags is by using vmoddomlimits (for example -D) as well.

That's a good point. vmoduser always modifies the user's flags, so it should say something like "for all current users in domain" instead.

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