Hi there!

Last week I had to change the LDAP structure on my server on which only
qmail was running, but qmail/clamd/spamassassin didn't like that at all

Till last week, vpopmail wrote all information to o=server
Now also pureftpd has to find its users in this ldap directory and so I
created ou=ftp and ou=mail.

I reinstalled vpopmail with the new settings and everything works fine.
I can fetch my mails with pop3/imap, send mails and vqadmin writes the
data to ou=domain.com,ou=mail,o=server, but although spamd and clamd are
running, both of them don't filter/scan anything :-(

Can this really be because of the changes I made to the LDAP structure
or do I have to search for my mistake somewhere else?

Thanks and have a nice day


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