Tom Collins wrote:
On Nov 29, 2004, at 10:56 AM, Robin Bowes wrote:

Also, I envisage allowing different skel dirs per domain, i.e. look in <domain>/etc/skel first, then <vpopmail home>/etc/skel, then create the default Maildir structure.

Consider <domain>/@skel/ as the source. Using <domain>/etc/skel causes problems if someone wants to use "skel" as an email address or mailing list. Since a username can't have @ in it, it should be a safe directory character to use.

That makes sense.

David Winkler has sent me a version of vpopmail that uses a copytree function. When I get time, I'll apply the existing patch, include the copytree functionality and <vpopmail home>/skel and <domain>/@skel support and produce a new patch.

Any preferences as to which source I should patch against? What command would you like me to use to make the patch?

That also got me to thinking about how bigdir support means it's not possible to have one-letter email addresses/lists. By using @a, @b, @c, etc. as the directory names, any email address would be possible.

I'll leave that to you! :)


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