> Yes.  I'm suggesting that we could use directory names outside of the
> user namespace so that you could have bigdir support and one-character
> email addresses at the same time.
> It would be difficult to handle existing domains though...  There would
> need to be a lot of directory renaming and updating of the user
> database to pull it off.

This is probably a silly idea but...  You could always write a dot-file,
e.g. .domain-version, that contains the 'version number' of the domain
layout.  If the file doesn't exist of if the 'version number' is, say, 1,
vpopmail uses the old convention for bigdir.  If the 'version number' is,
say, 2, vpomail uses the new convention.  A program could be written to
convert between domain versions.

The advantage to this is that it wouldn't automatically require conversion
for new domains when vpopmail is upgraded.  The disadvantages are that it
may be overly complex/complicated and, well, it does seem rather silly.

(That said, I use something like this on a website so I can track the
versions of the SQL schemas so I can pass along intelligent upgrade
scripts to the website maintainer.)


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