On Dec 3, 2004, at 3:01 PM, shadowplay.net wrote:
does this change take into account the ablity for multi processing on the maildirsize
and 2 vdeliverers attempting to add to the mailbox at near simultaneous time...
think multiple mailservers with a nfs connection to the maildirectories...
ie at this time if i accept a mail its added to quota..
then while im writing my mail in a second vdeliver needs to write,
looks in quota, reports over, and we bounce..
under the new structure.. will this occur or will BOTH files get
written into the mail directory... 

I don't know. I've only started to look into the mail quota code.

I may pull fresh code from the most recent Courier-IMAP (original source of most of the code) and make sure that I spend as little time with the file open as necessary. I think that vdelivermail will open it for exclusive write access and then append the new size.

I have no idea how it will behave if multiple processes want to append to it at the same time. It may be difficult, but I guess I could write a shell script that attempts to deliver two very large emails simultaneously. I could also add an artificial delay in vdelivermail so it keeps the file open longer than necessary in order to force one process to wait for write access.

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