A damned typing error in chkuser.c gives compile error when #define CHKUSER_STARTING_VARIABLE is defined.

You may download 2.0.8a, or change, in chkuser.c, this line:

                if (str¨casecmp(starting_string, "ALWAYS") == 0) {
                if (strcasecmp(starting_string, "ALWAYS") == 0) {

Sorry for any inconvenience.


chkuser 2.0.8 has been released, and is available at www.interazioni.it/opensource.

As usual, this version has been tested and is now working on my production systems since some weeks.

This version, basically:
  •         freeze all important changes in 2.0.7 (closing DB connections among all)
  •         is more RFC compliant (NULL SENDER is now ALWAYS accepted, and all FORMAT and MX checking defines are OFF by default)
  •         cleans some small bugs.
It has been released as complete "release" package, and as "update" of previous installed versions (from 2.0.5 to 2.0.7).

Additional note:
I put on the site a small script displaying chkuser activity.
On one of my systems, I defined acceptance limits for existing (limit is 50) and wrong (limit is 5) users.
On that system, I'm facing each day several attacks, and these acceptance limits help me rejecting them.
They are also suggesting me to implement additional features for rejecting those IP.
Any comment on this topic is welcomed.
qstat -yesterday
CHKUSER entries 10135
CHKUSER accepted null senders 365
CHKUSER rejected senders 268
CHKUSER accepted senders 3615
CHKUSER rejected rcpts 966
CHKUSER accepted rcpts 3809
CHKUSER rejected relaying 88
CHKUSER accepted relaying 42
CHKUSER mbx overquota 0
CHKUSER max rcpt intrusion triggers 0
CHKUSER max wrong rcpt intrusion triggers 62
CHKUSER rejected intrusions 920
Please note I may answer any question until friday, then I'll be again available at the end of the month.


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