On Thursday 09 December 2004 15:46, Alexander Gruber wrote:
> hi together,
> i would like to know if it is possbile to send one mail to every account
> on a vpopmail installation. perhaps via vdeliver or maildrop?!
> thanks!
> alex

How about vpopbull ???

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~# vpopbull -v
version: 5.4.8
Error: email_file not specified
usage: vpopbull [options] -f [email_file] [virtual_domain] [...]
       -v (print version number)
       -V (verbose)
       -f email_file (file with message contents)
       -e exclude_email_addr_file (list of addresses to exclude)
       -n (don't mail. Use with -V to list accounts)
       -c (default, copy file)
       -h (use hard links)
       -s (use symbolic links)

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