On Thursday 09 December 2004 06:16 pm, Tom Collins wrote:
> On Dec 9, 2004, at 1:53 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> > Also, I'm fairly certain that CRAM-MD5 requires that you have
> > clear-text passwords enabled.  I still need to look at my pop and smtp
> > servers to see how I can make them not advertise something that's not
> > available on my system...
> Good point (clear-text).
> The change is pretty easy -- just modify qmail-smtpd.c.  Search for a
> line like "250-AUTH LOGIN CRAM-MD5 PLAIN" and remove the "CRAM-MD5"
> part.

most of them also have an ifdef around that, so simply undefine CRAM_MD5 (near 
the top of the file) and you're set.


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