onsdag 08 december 2004 13.33 skrev Justin Heesemann:
> On Friday 03 December 2004 20:42, Oden Eriksson wrote:
> > Thanks Jeremy, but smtp auth isn't the answer I was looking for. I
> > know mr. sam and some other profilic people in this sphere thinks
> > pop-before-smtp is dead, is silly and obsolete, but I can say it
> > isn't.
> just add a bogus account to vpopmail ([EMAIL PROTECTED]
> works fine and shouldn't get you that much spam),  add it as a kmail
> pop3 account and switch on interval checking. or you could use the
> "filter messages if they are greater than 1 bytes" option in kmail for
> a pop3 account.
> Or you could use the "Precommand" functionality of kmail and use
> something like "fetchmail -c -s" as you precommand line for your smtp
> transport.

Thank you. I will look into this. Though I really think kmail should login 
just as a plain pop3 client does.

> > The question still, is how to make this work, not to make me start
> > using smtp auth.
> >
> > If was really smart I would stop using an utterly dead (not developed
> > since 1998), and unsupported software like qmail is and use _any_ of
> > the others that is still alive, supported, developed and in much
> > wider use.
> "Don't throw stones, when you're sitting in a glashouse." (German
> proverb) That's what smart people try to remember. :)

Ha ha ha ha!!!, that was funny!

I was in a bad mood because of a flaky ucspi-tcp patch it turned out.

Regards // Oden Eriksson

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