I am currently running a slightly older version of vpopmail (5.2.1).  I
have been attempting to update to 5.4.0 or 5.4.8, but regardless of what
compile options I give I consistently get the following error on any mail
deliveries to the domain and the message fails to go through.  It is also
funny that mail quota usage all shows up as 0% (this is in a production
machine).  There is an NFS mount involved, but I've tested this as well on
the server with the NFS share, and that isn't changing anything. 
Everything else vpopmail works (pop, imap, etc...)  Any ideas?

@4000000041b98f4b27326e74 delivery 382616: failure: user_is_over_quota/

Clint Ricker
Systems and Network Administrator
NorthEast Georgia Internet Access

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