On Dec 12, 2004, at 3:19 PM, Sascha Ebach wrote:
I get this error when using vadddomain and vdeldomain:

Signal 1 caught by ps (procps version 2.0.7).
Please send bug reports to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Look at the config.h for vpopmail, search for the definition of PS_COMMAND.

#define PS_COMMAND "ps axww"

Can you send the output of that command? The vpopmail problem is related to the function that parses the output of ps to find the qmail-send task so it can send a SIGHUP to it.

A possible fix -- edit vpopmail.c and change the following code:

      if ( tmppid != mypid ) {


      if ( tmppid && (tmppid != mypid) ) {

This should eliminate what you're seeing -- vpopmail calling kill() with 0 for the PID. We should find out why it's doing that though...

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