My server's uplink will get congested when a user send massive email using my server.

How can I only allow relaying for domain hosted in my server? Like the domain in the rcpthosts file.

Tom Collins wrote:

On Dec 27, 2004, at 9:01 AM, ro0ot wrote:

I had compile vpopmail with the enable-roaming for use my virtual mail hosting server. It works as what I want. But, I faced some problem.

Once the customer login via pop3 (ex. [EMAIL PROTECTED]), they can send email using my virtual mail hosting server with no problem.

The customer also use my server to send email for other domain like [EMAIL PROTECTED], how can I block this from using my server to relay?

You can't.

If you switch to using SMTP AUTH instead of roaming users, the address they authenticate with will go into the Received headers of the message. If a spammer has hacked one of your accounts, using SMTP AUTH makes it a lot easier to track down the compromised account.

What sort of problems does it cause if a user chooses to use another return address when relaying through your server?

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