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On Tuesday 04 January 2005 05:19 am, Marcin Sołtysiak wrote:

I got two domians i DNS dom.com and alias.com.

please use example.org, example.net, and example.com when using bogus information for hypothetical purposes. I have changed 'dom.com' to example.com and 'alias.com' to example.org in the rest of this email.


I've created vpopmail domain for example.com and aliasdomain for example.org
pointing dom.com but unfortunately vpopmail authorizes when user use
[EMAIL PROTECTED] . Can it be somehow changed? I don't want users authorize
using alias domain.

Why not? Are you eventually planning on splitting that domain up and don't
want to have to tell everyone to change their authentication settings? If
so, simply make the domains separate and use forwards on example.org to send
the mail over to the 'real' example.com email address.

They have some 300 accounts and actually it is a transition proccess from example.com to example.org. They want to receive e-mails sent to example.com but same time they want to let people send mail only from example.org. Of course important is what you put into From files not how you authorize but somehow they want to erase example.com from memory. I know it sound wacky but that's politics :(

Anyway thanks

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