On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Andrew Niemantsverdriet wrote:

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 13:39, Charles Sprickman wrote:
Hi all,

Today I started looking at a problem that one of our staff was having
after we finally found one customer with the same problem.  Basically
these users just "lost" their quota usage meter in squirrelmail.  I'd put
off looking at it since I thought it was probably an issue with the plugin
- the plugin just sends an IMAP command to the IMAP server ("tag
GETQUOTAROOT INBOX") and then parses the output, prints it in MB/% and
draws a simple graph in the folder list frame.

However today I tried talking directly to the imap server (Courier IMAP
3.0.7) and found that it too was having issues reporting the quota:

a01 OK LOGIN Ok.
* QUOTA "ROOT" <<<---

To contrast it with a "working" account:

a01 OK LOGIN Ok.
a02 getquotaroot INBOX
* QUOTA "ROOT" (STORAGE 125149 307200)  <<<---

Bear in mind that both accounts have quotas and vuserinfo (vpopmail 5.4.7)
correctly reports the quota.

Which still is quite curious...

I dug through the Courier changelogs and saw no recent mention of any
quota reporting issues.

I can temporarily "fix" this by deleting the maildirsize file in the
user's Maildir.  Is there some chance that vpopmail is straying a bit from
maildir++ standards?  Is there any way to debug this?

I too am having this problem, after reading this I decided to take a
look. Same problem, so I would love to hear what can be done to fix

Well, it's all bad news. All the accounts I'm finding with this problem use maildrop as the final delivery agent (for spam checking), so that kind of takes vpopmail out of the picture. So for now I'm going to don my asbestos undies and subscribe to the Courier list. It seems like the error has to be in either Courier-IMAP or Maildrop, as those are the only two things that touch the maildirsize file in the normal course of operations...


/-\ ndrew

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