On Sun, 9 Jan 2005, Oden Eriksson wrote:

I am sorry, but I think I need to ask you to address these problem to the
proper mailinglist.
i have already written to the courier-imap ML (as there is no courier-authlib ML).

I have built latest vpopmail + courier-imap 3.0.8 today
and experienced no problem on my amd64 machine.
the problem is NOT with courier-imap but with courier-authlib 0.52 (the latest courier-imap (4.0.1) requires (and only works with) courier-authlib. all the authentification stuff has been moved to a separate package so that all courier-software has only ONE place for all the authentification configuration and updates).

so i'll see if i get any hint on the courier mailinglist. but as it seems that it is an courier-authlib AND vpopmail problem it could be a lnog way to go ;-)

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