Dear all,
I have a qmail mailserver with vpopmail. I am creating users using vadduser command. I had created some 8 domain name with some 150 users in total domainnames.The main domainname is like . Domain names are like - 80 - 10 - 5 - 7 8 9
Now one more problem occured. I have setup procmail in all users directory. There will be
.qmail-guest . in /home/vpopmail/domains/ file is like this
| preline procmail -t ./guest/Maildir/Procmail/procmailrc

In procmail folder procmailrc file is like this

this syntax i was following till number of users were below 100. Filtering with procmail was also working for users below 100. Now after 100 users i added the .qmail-username file,procmailrc file but filtering is not working. I had checked the filepaths in procmailrc files, it was currect..
Please suggest me a solution why the filtering with procmail was not working for users created after 100.
anks for any help

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