Do you use smtp-tls and smtp-auth at the same time?
If Yes, then there are at least TWO reason for slow smtp-session.
The first, DNS-related can be reloved by tcpserver's parameters.
The second, tls-related - by creating temproraly RSA key,
that can be done by executing

# make tmprsadh

at qmail source with applied tls-patch directory...

- when a 512 bit RSA key is provided in /var/qmail/control/rsa512.pem,
  this key will be used instead of (slow) on-the-fly generation by
  qmail-smtpd. Idem for 512 and 1024 DH params in control/dh512.pem
  and control/dh1024.pem.
  `make tmprsadh` does this.

try it and see if that helps you

Best Regards,
Yuri Nosyrev                    mailto: nua at slavel dot ru

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