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On Jan 12, 2005, at 4:30 PM, Yeahbut wrote:

This is not happening. Sqwebmail connections don't get logged at all.

I don't think sqwebmail uses vchkpw (which does that logging). AFAIK, it reads directly from the maildirs.

Note also that courier-imap does not call vchkpw for authentication, it uses a built-in authentication module. I think someone has made a patch for courier-imap, but don't know if it's made it into the mainstream releases.

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You are correct that it reads directly from the maildirs, as opposed to webmail clients like Squirrelmail that require IMAP, however an authentication method is still required which is specified during ./configure. In the configuration I'm using, the specified authentication method was to use authvchkpw, which I would assume (I am not a programmer) means it is using vchkpw.

Is it possible that it is using the same information store of usernames and passwords as vchkpw but not actually calling vchkpw?

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