* Robert Kropiewnicki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2005-01-13 17:16]:
> ./configure.  In the configuration I'm using, the specified 
> authentication method was to use authvchkpw, which I would assume (I am 
> not a programmer) means it is using vchkpw. 

Nope, it does not. Sqwebmail and Courier (both using the Courier
Authentication Lib now) do the authentication via libvpopmail.a not
vchkpw. This is the reason you have to recompile them if you update

I once used a patched vpopmail version by Vladimir Kabanov that enabled
me to have Courier IMAP auth against vchkpw. I would prefer if Courier
and Sqwebmail would support this.

> Is it possible that it is using the same information store of usernames 
> and passwords as vchkpw but not actually calling vchkpw?



> Regards,
> Robert Kropiewnicki

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