Yeahbut wrote:
Thursday January 13 2005 23:11, Andryan wrote to All:

A> If you want to use vchkpw for IMAP authentication, I'd recommend
A> BINCIMAP. That's what I'm using right now and does log as expected. A> :)

I use Vpopmail, which performs otherwise fine, and should do so without additional fiddling.

Eh? vpopmail doesn't provide any daemon.
Quoted from vpopmail's FAQ:
"vpopmail is a collection of programs to automate creation and
maintence of non /etc/passwd virutal domain email and pop accounts
for qmail installations."
You still have to use Courier-IMAP/BINC for IMAP, and/or qmail-pop3d for POP3 and so on.


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