I'm experiencing problem setting up a mail server with qmail+vpopmail+mysql.

The hardware is a Compaq Prolian 7000 whith 1.5 gb RAM and RAID 5 storage (100
gb). There are 2 partition (both ext3) / and /var. qmail and vpopmail are
installed in /var.

The mail server has about 200 hosted domain but only one is big.

This one has about 20k mail accounts.
The problem is that when qmail delivers mail (via qmail-local-vdelivermail) to
small domain, the time elapsed is small. When it delivers mail to the (only)
big domain the operation is really long.
Is seems that vdelivermail spends a lot of time delivering the mail.
Just for example: a mail to a little domain takes 1 sec (at most) to be
delivered, a mail to huge domain takes more than 60 sec. These test have been
done using 3 conncurrent local delivery agent.

I tried to move (only for testing) the vpopmail's directory of big domain to a
tmpfs partition and times reduced to about 10 secs.

The problem shouldn't be of mysql.

Any idea? May be the storage too slow?
Do famd and courier-imap impact on system' performance?



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