On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Tom Collins wrote:
> What do you mean by the .qmail-default for the "general mail server"?
> There really isn't a .qmail-default that affects all domains.
> Is the .qmail-default for tigerknight.org set to bounce-no-mailbox?

I don't run vpopmail, so there isn't a 'tigerknight.org' directory.
Therefore any alias under /var/qmail/alias affects all domains that are
accepted by the server (and there are about 4). So the .qmail-default that
exists under /var/qmail/alias has been put in place and the only line is:

# bounce-no-mailbox

Exactly as directed in the instructions, yet it has no effect and a
message gets accepted as deliverable to an address whether an account
exists or not.

> Is tigerknight.org in /var/qmail/control/locals?  If so, it isn't
> handled by vpopmail, and I don't know whether chkuser will identify it.

Yup - it's in there.


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