Forgive me for asking an off-topic question...

I run a hosting server with about 100 domains, and I'm looking to make a move to a new server and hosting facility. Right now, it's a 1GHz PIII with 512MB/18GB that I own, and is located at a friend's office on a T1.

I'd like to get a dedicated machine at a colo facility with at least P4/1GB/40GB, multiple fast pipes to the Internet, 30GB/month in bandwidth and onsite backups. Right now, I just need two IPs on the machine, but would like the option of adding more in the future if necessary (to allow for multiple virtual SSL hosts).

Please email me directly with any recommendations you may have. If your company offers those services, and would like to extend me a discount for my work on vpopmail and qmailadmin, that wouldn't hurt either.


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