After upgrading our vpopmail installation from 5.3.30 to 5.4.9
we noticed that SMTP mail delivery became very slow and
qmail-smtpd processes now eat *lots* of CPU load to run.

Besides the upgrade, the most significant change is that we
have moved our aliases from file to MySQL (valias support).
Vpopmail configure parameters are:

env LIBS="-lz" \
./configure \
--enable-roaming-users=y \
--enable-relay-clear-minutes=120 \
--enable-auth-module=mysql \
--enable-many-domains=y \
--enable-clear-passwd=n \
--enable-tcpserver-file=/var/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp  \
--enable-auth-logging=n \

I wonder if anyone has dealt with server load problems after
upgrading to 5.4.9? Can this be related to the use of valias?


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