How many messages does the user have?  I have seen this error when there
are thousands of messages in a user's Maildir.



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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] multiple issues.....cannot get in!!

Tom Collins wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2005, at 7:27 PM, Bob Ababurko wrote:
>> I am running vpopmail with vchkpw and I am having an few isssues that

>> I believe are connected.  I have many virtual domains, but on at 
>> lease one account in one domain, I cannot log into my mail and see 
>> the error,
>> Sending of the password did not succeed.  unable to scan
>> (using mozilla thunderbird)
>> OR
>> -ERR unable to scan $HOME/Maildir, telneting to box
> Sounds like there's a problem with that account's Maildir.
> Use vuserinfo to see what the home directory is set to.  su to 
> vpopmail and see if you can get to that directory.  Make sure there 
> are three directories, new, cur and tmp in there.  Compare the 
> permissions and ownership to another user's Maildir that is working
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All the permissions are the same in this directory as ones that are
working fine.

When I do a vuserinfo on this user, it shows that it is able to
authenticate, by giving a recent time of authentication, but it is not
able to read the Maildir for some reason.

The permissions in this dir are:

drwx------  2 vpopmail  vchkpw  367104 Jan 15 21:40 cur
-rw-r--r--  1 vpopmail  vchkpw     297 Jan 19 09:24 maildirsize
drwx------  2 vpopmail  vchkpw   86016 Jan 19 09:24 new
drwx------  2 vpopmail  vchkpw     512 Jan 19 09:24 tmp

and the dir above it...the users home dir:

drwx------  3 vpopmail  vchkpw  512 Oct 26 00:27 .
drwx------  9 vpopmail  vchkpw  512 Jan 12 15:22 ..
drwx------  8 vpopmail  vchkpw  512 Jan 19 08:29 Maildir
-rw-------  1 vpopmail  vchkpw   12 Jan 19 09:31 lastauth

I am very flustered and

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