hi all..

how exactly is smtp after pop working?

i did some checks with a new machine i just did that has vpopmail with
smtp after pop installed. it also has qmail patched for smtp-auth. both
qmail-pop3d and courier-imap are used.

i was doing some tests from 2 different remote machines on a home network.
i was using thunderbird and sylpheed clients.

the first time i logged in with the sylpheed into a pop account which has
the smtp server set but no password specified. i was able to send mail
without any password authentication. i beleave the smtp-auth-after-pop to
be the reason for that.

however from another machine on the same home network using thunderbird i
logged into an IMAP account which didn't have smtp-auth password and
username specified either and i was able again to send mail through the
same smtp machine i used with the sylpheed without authentication - it
just goes out.

so i was afraid that i have an open relay although i use the tcp rules db
that has only the local machine and machines on the same network relayed.
then i tried from another machine on a totally different network using
pine with the smtp server set to the same server as before. and then i get
the massage about the rcpthosts. i know pine doesn't have the option for
smtp-auth anyway..

ok.. now...

1. how come i'm able to use the same smtp on two different machines on the
home network without having to authenticate for smtp on the imap account?
2. is the vpopmail's smtp after pop working for imap accounts?
3. is the vpopmail smtp after pop session referring to the client's ip
number - like the router's ip number in the case of the home network?
4. why was i able to send mail without authentication through the same
smtp machine even after DELETING the vpopmail sess_ files in /tmp?

i'd appreciate an explanation very much...

thank you..


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