>> 1. how come i'm able to use the same smtp on two different machines on
>> the
>> home network without having to authenticate for smtp on the imap
>> account?
> It is possible that you're using a NAT router/gateway between your
> home network and your ISP?  If so, the NAT address on the WAN side
> of your router serves both of your home computers.  That address is
> the one that is known to the Qmail/Vpopmail server, not the different
> internal addresses.  To the mail server, you're coming from the same
> address.

thanks Eric. that was what i was suggesting in my third question. i'd
think that the vpopmail sessions are id-ed on mac numbers. isn't it true
then that if i go to a public space where i use my laptop to retrieve my
mail everybody in that space will be able to use my smtp server - if they
knew which is it - to send their mail and maybe spam?

> To see ensure that your mail relay filters are working, go here:
>   http://www.abuse.net/relay.html
> and follow the instructions for the anonymous test.

great....  i got this..  blinking:


that doesn't really resolve it for me....

is that because of qmail first accepting the message and then checking
against the rcpthosts. what about the tcp rules in tcp.smtp.db?

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> Eric Ziegast


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