On Jan 20, 2005, at 5:05 PM, kalin mintchev wrote:
thanks Eric. that was what i was suggesting in my third question. i'd
think that the vpopmail sessions are id-ed on mac numbers. isn't it true
then that if i go to a public space where i use my laptop to retrieve my
mail everybody in that space will be able to use my smtp server - if they
knew which is it - to send their mail and maybe spam?

Yep. That's one reason why SMTP AUTH is better.

To see ensure that your mail relay filters are working, go here:
and follow the instructions for the anonymous test.

Or just telnet from an untrusted host and see if you can send email to a domain that you don't host.

When I tested from my properly-configured server, it failed one test:

Relay test 6
>>> RSET
<<< 250 flushed
<<< 250 ok
<<< 250 ok

When I did a manual test on my server, the message was accepted but then it bounced.

A quick look at the vpopmail source code seemed to indicate that vdelivermail will bounce the message because it doesn't like '%' in the address.

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