I'm worrying about a really weird problem for a several days now (yes googling and reading mailing-list archives).

Our server runs qmail installed according to life-with-qmail with some additional patches applied (TLS, Auth etc.) and vpopmail for alias and vdomain management.

We're also running amavisd-new (version 2.2.0 at the moment) width a qmqpqq setup (http://www.imladris.sk/howto/howto_qmqpqq.html). Mail is received by one qmail-instance and delivered to amavisd-new via qmqpc as qmail-queue replacement. After checking mail is reinserted into another qmail-smtpd-instance of the same installation with Environment variable set to the original qmail-queue file (in tcp.smtp) and delivered.

The setup seemed to be running fine for several months now, but now customers are complaining about loosing mail. One look in the qmail-send log revealed the following error message:

2005-01-26 01:53:24.524760500 info msg 456375: bytes 2483 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 1282 uid 1116

2005-01-26 01:53:24.701035500 starting delivery 1140: msg 456375 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]

2005-01-26 01:53:24.701045500 status: local 6/20 remote 40/40

2005-01-26 01:53:24.854618500 delivery 1140: success: qmail-inject:_fatal:_communication_with_mail_server_failed_(#4.4.2)/vdelivermail:_valiases_processed/did_0+0+1/

2005-01-26 01:53:24.854685500 status: local 2/20 remote 40/40

2005-01-26 01:53:24.854939500 end msg 456375


As you can see vdelivermail reports "success" (which is probably a misinterpretation from vpopmail) but qmail-inject fails.

My suspicion is, that qmail-inject tries to insert the message in the qmail-queue which actually is the qmqpc program and this can't connect to an amavis instance (because they are all busy or so). My experience shows that these mails seem to be lost forever an isn't queued again.


Is it possible that vdelivermail doesn’t treat the qmail-inject error right and produces a false "success" status?

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