On Jan 31, 2005, at 8:07 PM, Carl Davis wrote:
vmoduser -q NOQUOTA domain.org

gives me: "ERROR: Illegal username"

I have read several places that this should work?  Am I doing something

It's choking on a one-letter username. If vpopmail is compiled with --enable-users-big-dir, it will store the user directories in subdirectories after the first 100 users. Having a one-letter username would conflict with that hashing (one of the first 100 user directories could later turn into a hash directory which would be deleted if the user was deleted).

I've been thinking about modifying vpopmail to use directory names like @a, @b, @c, etc. instead of a, b, c so that we could allow one-character user directories in all cases. I don't know how we'd make that work with existing directory structures though. Another solution would be to hash all usernames, so there weren't any users in the top directory. I guess we'd still run some risks of qmailadmin creating a mailing list or autoresponder with the same directory name and then later deleting it.

If, in your account migration, you set up a different type of directory structure where one-letter usernames won't be a problem, then you can search the source for "#ifdef USERS_BIG_DIR" sections and remove the ifdefs that limit one-letter usernames (for your vmoduserproblem, it's in vcheck-vqpw() in vpopmail.c).

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