On Feb 4, 2005, at 1:57 AM, Takeshi Nishioka wrote:
I'd like to know the difference of vmoduser options listed below.

-s ( set no smtp access flag )
-r ( set no external relay flag )

-s disables SMTP AUTH, -r will disable roaming users (pop before smtp).

I've just updated the help for vmoduser to be more helpful. The new help reads as follows (email me if you have any other ideas to make it clearer):

vmoduser: usage: [options] email_addr or domain (for each user in domain)
options: -v ( display the vpopmail version number )
-n ( don't rebuild the vpasswd.cdb file )
-q quota ( set quota )
-c comment (set the comment/gecos field )
-e encrypted_passwd (set the password field )
-C clear_text_passwd (set the password field )
the following options are bit flags in the gid int field
-x ( clear all flags )
-d ( don't allow user to change password )
-p ( disable POP access )
-s ( disable SMTP AUTH access )
-w ( disable webmail [IMAP from localhost*] access )
( * full list of webmail server IPs in vchkpw.c )
-i ( disable non-webmail IMAP access )
-b ( bounce all mail )
-o ( user is not subject to domain limits )
-r ( disable roaming user/pop-before-smtp )
-a ( grant qmailadmin administrator privileges)
[The following flags aren't used directly by vpopmail, but are]
[included for other programs that share the user database.]
-u ( set no dialup flag )
-0 ( set V_USER0 flag )
-1 ( set V_USER1 flag )
-2 ( set V_USER2 flag )
-3 ( set V_USER3 flag )

What do you guys think of adding -D, -P, -S, -W, -I, -B, -O, -R, -A and -U to clear the matching flags above?

Unfortunately, there's no easy converse for the user flags, except maybe for -5 to -8 (leaving room for a V_USER4 at some point).

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