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The problem is that, although I compiled courier with authvchkpw-auth it seems not to call this program. I think so because I see (with ktrace and truss) that courier authenticate my users reading the mysql database and it adds also the info data to the relay table on MySQL directly (I mean, not using vchkpw as it should do).

So, the user is authenticated and can read his e-mail but he isn't added to the tcp.smtp.cdb file (tcpserver).

Actually authvchkpw is a version of vchkpw that's integrated with courier-imap. It never calls vchkpw directly, so it's behaving as expected.

Well, at least as documented.

Unfortunately, I don't know about using roaming users (pop before smtp) with courier. I've always used SMTP AUTH as the sole relaying mechanism on our servers.

Newer version of courier-imap will no longer be able to write the IPs into the relay table. This is because all authentication has now been moved out of courier (and sqwebmail) and into the courier-authlib package. As has always been the case, authdaemon doesn't support POP before SMTP. That's why I chose never to use authdaemon.

Now that courier no longer supports POP before SMTP via the authvchkpw module, it's just one more good reason not to use courier-imap for POP3 services. Use qmails pop3d instead. That way POP users still get roaming access. IMAP users are users newer email clients that support SMTP AUTH and should be directed to use that instead.


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