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Excellent, thank you. If I understand correctly I will also need to do nothing to my current tcp.smtp file?

3) How does this effect users who do not supply auth info? Does qmail-smtpd fall back to using the RELAYCLIENT value from tcp.smtp.cdb?

Just as I feared, it is easy..........

Uhh, kinda. Getting smtp-auth to work was easy but I fell into a hole when I did it. We found an instance where this breaks a lot of our clients.

I was able to duplicate the issue using Netscape Mail 4.7 (yea it's old, but in rual Indiana not everyone has XP Pro or OSX). If a user has ever created a previous account in their mail program, the second account is created with smtp-auth checked and the username box empty. This caused a lot of people to suddenly not be able to send mail, and they all called tech support.

I believe I will move our smtp-auth users to another port and just fire up another instance of qmail-smtpd, leaving the normal qmail-smtpd running on port 25.

I don't see a standard port for smtp-auth, any thoughts? I've looked through FreeBSD /etc/services file which is pretty complete, and found no entry for smtp-auth. I'm leaning towards using port 9025.



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