On Monday 07 February 2005 01:56 am, Jeff Koch wrote:
> Hi Paul:
> We've tried that and found that most users either ignore the email, think
> it's a phishing attempt or don't know how to change the frequency with
> which their Outlook Express pops in.

I agree with Paul here..

you should send out the email, and give them a URL with some screenshots with 
little pointers and circles (and of course, a default windows XP theme) that 
walks them through how to do it.

Repeat this email every week for a month, and then start blocking accounts who 
are abusing.  Also, you may want to update your AUP to say that checking your 
pop email more than once every 10 minutes is a violation, notify your 
customers about it, and implement the policy.

Applying a technical solution to an administrative problem is always a lot 
more work than simply applying the iron fist.


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