My problem is simply, im using vpopmail 5.4.9 , system accounts and some virtual domains. While virtual domains runs without problems (POP3, POP3s, IMAP, IMAPs, SMTP), my system accounts can`t send messages normal way. Receiving mail is not a problem, everything is working

(23:14:54 xwx vpopmail[5976]: vchkpw-pop3: system password login success sysuser:

 When sending, log says the same

(23:11:04 xwx vpopmail[5952]: vchkpw-smtp: system password login success sysuser:

but login window on my client pop up and requesting to send user/pass again and not sending. With every click to OK button and send login, system log says the same, “system password login success” but my mail don`t come out. After some play with adding some domains to sysuser login I discovered something weird. My message comes through when I put

 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (any used virtual domain) and system log still said that “vchkpw-smtp: system password login success

Is a workaround to this bug somewhere please ?



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